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Way to yourself

Website Ocean of life - this is the path to yourself, this is the movement vertically through distorting illusions and blocks; This is an opportunity to regain a sense of truth, the ability to be yourself, to become one of the rays of the beyond the Sun, illuminating the great ocean of life.

Managing life and destiny with the help of awareness and practices presented on the Ocean of Life website becomes easier and more understandable.

The joys of happiness!

The universal method of discovering clairvoyance

For movement vertically to the source of light and life, an important condition is the possession of clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance - the ability to connect to the field of events and take information from the source. Clairvoyance is a natural ability available to everyone. The universal method of discovering the "gift" of clairvoyance in yourself is ..... Read more Clairvoyance

Greetings to the site visitor!

Mentally - verbal magic.

    The success of the path is made up of correctly selected bricks, puzzles - from those thoughts and words that we use every day, not only during special practices, but also in ordinary life, because ordinary things often take up most of the time. Verbal and mental magic is our way of thinking and our words that some use without thinking about the consequences.

ABC truths and true faith

“As you think, so you live” - it is said in one of the elementary truths of the ancient Slavic initial . Some, having lost their awareness, deviated from the true faith , looped themselves in the status of a sinner , and, instead of moving to the light, began to work out other people's sins and other people's karma , which could not end.

To move vertically, it is necessary to learn to distinguish falsehood from truth and get out of the dense forest (mind-blowing).

Prophet himself

    Sometimes it happens that people trust the choice of their future with signs, predictions, horoscopes ... The future is multivariate, and standing at the crossroads of a thousand roads, every moment there is an opportunity to change your path. Everyone can cast a telepathic anchor in the right version of the future, make a prophecy for himself , assign meaning to signs , turn lanes of life into a chessboard and make the right move, get out of the circle of recurring events , start changes and click on the acupuncture points of fate.

За тонкой гранью мирозданья, за покрывалом изо льда

Мне обжигает сердце пламя, сквозь сон, что длится без конца.

Дороги, дебри и распутья, - там время - горькая вода...,

Но где-то за забытой сутью - источник света и тепла...

Невидим, прячется за плотью, теряясь в призрачных ночах,

Веками томными, наощупь, находит путь к себе душа.      

Одна из целей создания сайта - отдача полученной энерго-информации путём внесения своего вклада в общее информационное поле для обеспечения личного баланса и возможности получения и качественного осознания информации и в дальнейшем. Для тех, кто не имеет возможности или желания делиться энерго-информацией, - есть возможность создания баланса при помощи энергии денег:    

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